Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Email Submitted by Robert:

I think you should look at my profile, the profile of an honest woman.  Every other woman on this site lies.  Need proof?  You don't have to be Sherlock Homes!

In one profile a girl "let's call her Jen" writes: "I like homemade cooking (usually no matter who makes it)..."

Has this "Jen" eaten everyone's homemade cooking?  Then how can she know that she likes it "no matter who makes it"????  She is a LIAR.  FUCKING LIAR.

In another pforile (chosen at random) a stupid girl says: "I've always loved nature and have volunteered in parks all over the country."

LIAR, AGAIN!  How can someone have "volunteered in parks all over the country"??  IMPOSSIBLE, LIAR.  NEXT:

Many more examples.  One more?  "Girl 3" says in her profile: "All of the ceramic work in the accompanying photos was done by me."  LIAR.  I'M SURE IT WAS NOT DONE BY YOU.

I don't think you'll find anything lying in my profile.  I will never lie like these liars do.  Tell me what you think and send me your own examples we can laugh at the LIARS together!



  1. ...are we sure that she's not really Charlie Sheen on another bender?

  2. Her first "example" made sense in a semantic kind of way. But both the other ones were perfectly reasonable.

  3. And then there's this woman who constantly checks out other women on dating sites, yet she claims to be interested in men! LIAR.


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