Into Thin Air

Story Submitted by Bastian:

The summer of my sophomore year in college, I worked as a research assistant and met Gina, another sophomore who was taking some summer classes.  I had shared glances with her in the dining hall once or twice, but finally had a chance to talk with her at a department party about two weeks into the semester.

She was from Los Angeles and I expressed an interest in visiting there, as I had never been.  She said, rather forwardly, "You should visit me out there, once I go back after summer term.  I'll take you all around."

I thought it was a nice offer, and I kept it in mind as we dated for the remaining four weeks of the term.  We both had chaotic schedules, and if we saw each other three times a week, then that was a lot.  Still, we seemed to get along well, and I think that she enjoyed my company.

After the term ended, she went back to L.A. and I had the rest of the summer off, so I called her and asked her if the offer was still open to meet up with her in her hometown.  She said that it was, and so I bought a roundtrip ticket to L.A. for a flight two weeks later.

During those two weeks, we talked for at least an hour on the phone every day.  She talked about what we would do and where we would go, and she even mentioned our future together.  She'd say, "I love it out here, but I can end up wherever you do."  Needless to say, we grew even closer during those two weeks, even if it was by phone.

The day of my flight finally arrived.  I gave her the landing time, she promised to meet me at the airport, and I was very excited to be out there and to see her again.

When I landed, I made it to the baggage claim and looked around for her.  No sign.  I called her up.  It rang and went to voicemail.  I left a message, waited for a half-hour, called her again, and it went right to voicemail again.

After an hour, I became more concerned, and I sent her a text.  No response.  I called again, and it went to voicemail.  After two hours, I figured that she had either been in an accident or that I was being stood up in the lamest, most hurtful way imaginable.

Given that I never heard from her again (and I scanned the news for a week or two after to see if her name was in it), I can only assume that she stood me up.  She didn't even return to the college.

I was lucky enough to spend my time in L.A. with a friend who lived in Huntington Beach.  I tried Gina a couple more times that week, but she never replied.  On the plus side, my friend introduced me to some great people who I never would have otherwise met, and the trip turned out to be memorable and great, all the same.


  1. There must have been an accident or some sort of serious problem that affected her if she never went back to the college, even. Bizarre.

  2. Pretty scary, I know people go missing in the world but this is sad and unresolved, I hope she was just being a total bitch 'n nothing bad happened to her.

  3. Lots of horrible things can happen that would result in her not being heard from again and would not end up in the paper. If she overdosed or had a horrible medical problem and was in ICU she would not be able to answer your calls. And her relationship with you is peanuts compared to the fact that she NEVER RETURNED TO SCHOOL.

  4. Scanned the news? SCANNED THE NEWS? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Unless you're reading the local papers from L.A. what good is that going to do you?

    Jesus. Google has been around for a decade... use it!

  5. Huntington Beach isn't in L.A.

  6. ^ I read it as he stayed with his friend in Huntington Beach, but spent time hanging out in LA.

  7. I've read this story a few more times, and I'm having some real problems with it. Personally, I think something horrible happened to Gina. It's the way the story plays out. If the OP was coming down to see her for 2 weeks, wouldn't he have an address? Her last name so he could look her up in the phone book? SOMETHING other than her phone number? And couldn't he use a reverse look up to find her address? Somebody needs to know sooner rather than later that something is wrong with Gina. There is also a list of things that would be horribly wrong with Gina that would not make the papers:

    -fall down the stairs, cracked her skull
    -backed over with a car
    -diabetic coma
    -fell into something, extreme injuries
    -something fell on her, extreme injuries
    -attacked by dog
    -attacked by bull
    -I'm running out of ideas, but you get the point

    The OP also seems to think that Gina not returning to school was all about him. "I can only assume that she stood me up. She didn't even return to the college." Are you serious??? At the very least, look her up on Facebook and find out if she's alright!

  8. WTF? I woulda asked the cops to check she was ok because she wasn't answering her phone...


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