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Story Submitted by Olive:

Stan and I spoke online for a week or so before he offered to take me out for a night on the town.  We set a time for him to pick me up at my house.

I expected him to ring the bell or knock, but instead he honked his horn.  Not very impressive.

When I went outside to meet him, I found him sitting in his car with three other women. He was wearing sunglasses (it was after sundown) and he rolled his window down.

"Hey," he said, "You can squeeze in back with Jen and Sandra."

The two girls in back squeezed together to make room for me.  I asked him, "Are these all your friends?"

The girls laughed and he said, "They're my collection.  Get in."

I asked, "Are we still doing our date?"

He glanced at the girl sitting next to him.  They smiled at each other and he said to me, "Uh, yeah.  It's a date.  Get in."

The girls laughed together, and he gave me a shady smirk.  I said, "This isn't what I had in mind when–"

"Okay," he interrupted, and drove off.  I went back inside and had a date instead with a leftover salad and an episode of Dr. Who.


  1. I think this should be categorized as "cheery". Doctor Who is a happy ending.

  2. Why are there women out there who enjoy this sort of douchebag? It just baffles the mind that there are women who don't mind being treated like meat.

  3. ^^ It's called low self-esteem!

  4. ...Charlie Sheen?

  5. Also, if it was a David Tennant episode of Doctor Who, this date was far sexier than anything that could have happened with that man. :)

  6. qquit880, that is a very correct statement. :D

  7. "Also, if it was a David Tennant episode of Doctor Who, this date was far sexier than anything that could have happened with that man. :)"

    +100. The Tenth Doctor is yummy.

  8. Sounds like A Bad Case Of The Almost Kidnapped And Turned Into A Prostitutes.

    Agree with Tenth Doctor ftw. Ninth would've been a close second.

  9. I like the 4th Doctor!

    Admitted, I don't know if he'd qualify as sexy though.

  10. The Eighth Doctor wasn't too shabby either. I know, I know, the TV movie was the Yanks blaspheming a British icon, but what I wouldn't give for more Paul McGann screentime. (Under the far more capable hands of the Brits.)

    Is it warm in here...?

  11. Far more capable hands of the Brits? Have you even WATCHED some of the early Doctor Who? You Brits have a tendency to heap cheesey shit on top of everything. Not even the new series is devoid of bad episodes. Remember the episode with the 25 year old traffic jam that was only 2 miles long? Or the one where the Doctor turns into a tiny midget and is locked in a cage?

    I think that Dr. Who would have only been improved by, you know, being given to people who actually know how to make a good story.

  12. I vote for making this a cheery one too!


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