Enjoy Being Gullible!

Email Submitted by Phil:


You're certainly living in a great place if you like wines. I hate wine, myself. Mostly because I visited a vineyard once, tried some wine there, and it tasted like puke.  Then they told me that wine's gross flavor comes from the feet of people who squash the grapes. You're tasting that whenever you gulp down your wine. Enjoy your toejam and footgrease!



  1. I love waiters who lie to obnoxious customers.

  2. Twenty or so years ago there were still places that were stomping grapes for wine. I remember my Uncle taking me to the winery he worked at when I was a kid, washing my feet off, and and being put in a barrel full of grapes that came up to at least my knees.

    Of course, I don't think that was for commercial sale as much as it was for educational purposes.


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