I Think I'll Know it

Email Submitted by Lars:

yo steak I almost never do this but here goes: imm not the sort of woman who ussuly writes a first mesage but here i am doing it.  Unsure if this is a smart thing for me to do or not.  First messages are not things i usually write but u might be worth it.  Its putting myself out there and not sure what the results will be but nthing venchurd nothing gained, lol.

I've written maybe three other messages first and no time has the guy ever written me back.  No reason for that i suppose.  Im a nice girl but we all got our problems.. always thought that guys liked it when women came onto them but guess i was wrong.  maybe there too busy jerkin it, lol!

what about u?  u jerkin it?  or u fer REEL?  ill know soon enough - question is - WILL U?????



  1. I can't figure out why she never receives responses.

  2. I reckon she's not very hot. Otherwise she would get a response.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Lars! Respond to her message and tell her why no one thinks she's worth the effort to even type "tl;dr"!

  4. Lars and the REEL girl...

  5. I LOL'd at "venchurd".

  6. I'm too muhc of a grammar nazi to let that crap slide in real life. Thank God my wife has better spelling and grammar skills than I do.

  7. ...and I spelled "much" wrong. Of course.

  8. "Venchurd" made my teeth hurt. It makes the baby Jesus cry.


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