The Deep End of the Table

Email Submitted by Denise:

God dam u hot.  U say u play pool?  I play lots of pool.  Pools' cool.  U play how often?

I win a bunch of trophies I play every week.  If your a good player then we should play together.  Maybe love together.  Who knows?  I cant predict the futre but I can play pool like u.  How long u been playing?

Want to snap u up and bite u before some other poolshark does!  Lets u and me play pool than eat!

that u play pool?


(Denise says, "My profile says that I like 'swimming at the pool,' not 'playing pool.'  Who could've guessed that one troublesome word could have so many meanings?")


  1. The more I ponder "that u play pool?" the more I do not understand what the fuck he could have meant.

  2. ^ Pool? As in the American name for billiards?

  3. ^ Uh, Duh? As in, I completely understand what billiards are?

  4. Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for Pool?

  5. @Pinkerton

    Then I have no idea what you're talking about. Given the rest of the butchery that is that email, what in particular about that line stands out? It's just a partial sentence.

  6. I can get a general idea of what he's trying to say with the rest of his email, but I cannot understand what he was getting at with that partial sentence.

    Geez. Didn't think I would have to explain such a basic idea.

    Anyhow, that u play pool?

  7. Pool with a capital P that rhymes with T that stands for Tool.


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