But You Did Just Ruin My Minute

Emails Submitted by Andy:


Thanks for taking me out.  I feel that now is a good time to speak my peace:

I didn't have the best time but not because of anything you did.  Something I did earlier that day really hurt someone else, and I've been trying to cope with the fallout from that ever since.  I meant to write you back (you must have been wondering what was taking me so long!) but it just happened this way.  I'm sorry if I ruined your year for you, and please accept my apology.


Andy Responds:

Hi Ciara.

Are you referring to that one date I took you out on over a year ago?  After not hearing back from you, I actually forgot about you until this very moment.  Don't worry.  I had a great year.



  1. the most annoying thing in this email to me...

    *piece...not peace

  2. I think you and I Morganeci, could be the best of friends.


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