Bad Scents, No Sense, Two Cents?

Story Submitted by Felicity:

It wasn't too long after I had sat down to my first dinner with Chris at a cozy restaurant when I smelled something pretty bad... bad like body odor.

He must have noticed my sniffing and frowning because he said, "Crap.  It's probably me.  Do you have any deodorant on you?"

I did, but the idea of letting a guy I had just met use my deodorant seemed somehow like a mistake.  I asked him, "You'd want to use someone else's deodorant?"

He said, "Not usually, but I'd rather that than you smell me all dinner long.  I usually don't smell like this.  I don't know what's happened."

The stick I had was pretty depleted by that point, so if he was willing to use it, I was okay with giving it to him and not using it again.  I handed it to him, and he left the table for the bathroom.  I hadn't told him that I wasn't planning to use it anymore.

When he returned, he handed it back to me, and I put it back in my purse, thinking that I'd throw it away shortly thereafter.  He asked, "How's that?"

I sniffed the air, and indeed, I couldn't detect any bad smells.  "Good job," I said, "You must have been very thorough."

"Oh yeah," he said, "I did my pits, ass, and crotch.  The smell should be gone by the time you use it again.  Wasn't going to take any chances," and then he winked at me.

First and last date.


  1. I have to wonder how he thought you would react to this...

  2. I think it's weird that you carry around a deodorant stick in your purse to a date.

  3. I think it's weird that

    A) he used the stick for its intended purpose
    B) you already knew you wouldn't use the stick again
    C) he did it to make you more comfortable

    and yet you still criticize him for it. Sure, he should have made himself presentable *before* the date, but it was good of him to take care of the problem instead of pretending it didn't happen.......

  4. Spenturn - some people sweat more than others, some just want to be sure they'll be able to freshen up if they end up going dancing or something. Honestly, I'm more surprised if someone doesn't have a stick of deodorant handy, not if they do.

  5. Deodorant doesn't seem to do anything beneficial for me. Oddly enough, bath and body works hand sanitizers (clear kind, not creamy) work magnificently for me. I discovered that on an outward bound camping trip. Fresh and dry the whole time with that. Prior to that, I used to keep travel sized deodorant with me.

  6. @Schatze

    Try using anti-perspirant, not deodorant. I used to find the effects of deodorant running out after only a couple hours, but with anti-perspirant I can go a whole day without having to worry about it.

  7. @ Taco - The fact that he used her deodorant wasn't the point, it was WHERE on his body he used it and the fact that he proudly announced it.

  8. ...I wonder if he left hairs....nothing worse than finding my OWN hair on my deodorant.


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