Bruce Springsteen Hates Rob Schneider?

Email Submitted by Rhett:

Hey I'm the boss. That's what mah GURLS Call me! Can I hear an AmEn? AMEN!

So u were lucky enough 2 get emailed by the boss! What 2 do? Tips:

1. Don't piss off THE BOSS!
2. Be nice to THE BOSS!
3. When THE BOSS wants you for something, you snap to! Ten hut soldier!
4. Don't piss off THE BOSS!
5. THE BOSS is always right! If THE BOSS is wrong, see step one.
6. You will not ever buy THE BOSS ravioli or daffodils or mention a Rob Schneider movie to THE BOSS. THE BOSS has her rules.

Are you ready for FUN WITH THE BOSS? maybe YOUR BOSS?????

Emily (THE BOSS)


  1. I think this is just a hopelessly misguided attempt to present herself as funny, but it's still really awful. It reads like something paraphrased from a tattered Xerox stuck to the side of her grandma's fridge with Precious Moments magnets.

  2. What's the hourly wage the boss pays? I might be game.

  3. What sort of benefits is she offering? Health? Dental? 401(k)? Tuition remission?

  4. @Andrew - that was great, and probably right!

  5. God I love hating people


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