You Could Be My Mom. Please Don't Be.

E-mail Submitted by Ron:

(Ron says: "This woman's profile listed her as a 60-year-old.  I'm 25.")


Helllllllo!  I may be a bit older but I'm young at heart! (age is a state of mind, really).  I have plenty of exp. and can teach you lots!

I look young for my age (age is a state of mind, remember!) and am frequently mistaken for a 30!  I work out a lot and can keep up with any workout you dish ;).  Don't worry about my coochee.. she's still nice and wet!  Try it!

When can we meet?  Public place plz.



  1. I just gagged.
    Please meet her and write what could possibly be the best BCotD ever.

  2. Ugh. I didn't need that mental image. Is there a mindbleach site for women? :P

  3. Oh yuck. That was definitely TMI too early in the day for me.

  4. Some guys would go for that. I am not one of them.

  5. Kudos to Granny for knowing what she wants.

  6. Some guys would go for that. I am one of them

  7. Besides the "nice and wet" line, I see nothing wrong with it. What, old people shouldn't have any sort of romantic life?

  8. I am TOTES with Lulu. Take the bullet (don't dodge it), Ron, and go on the date. I NEED to know how this ends up!!! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE????

  9. I don't care how old one is. Mentioning one's "coochee" in an email while attempting to get a date is crass.

  10. You need to meet in a public place so she can be sure you won't ravage her coochee on sight.


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