And This Would Lower My Stress?

E-mail Submitted by Barbara:

I want 2 put my hands all over u..... cause i'm a masseur!  I masseur people's backs and fronts!  I work with a team of masseurs and masseuses (people who massage other people).  I want to massage u u seem busy and stress.

At work sometimes the guy masseurs want 2 massage me but i'm not gay! lol!  The masseuses all want to massage me 2 but we work together and sex at work is not cool I keep it professional at all times.  The answer: One time I had sex with a masseuse at work and a masseur walked in and watched us finish!  He was like "I WANT 2 JOIN IN" but we were allready together and i'm not no not gay.

Massages don't always lead to sex but its nice when they do.  Like a massage in and out!  No more stress and u seem stress.... what 2 do...... lol.



  1. "i'm not no not gay."
    So...are you? Sounds like he's "confused," at least.

  2. I once knew a guy like this. Not very bright and a massage therapist, ostensibly so he could hook up with women while working. He was a terrible employee at his other non-massage-related job.

  3. Sorry but anyone with grammar like that would automatically get thrown in the trash.

  4. I kinda want to take another shower after reading this.

  5. Instant stress reliever: Deleting that email and blocking his profile.

  6. His not-gay denials are funny. You should write back "Are you SURE you're not gay? Because you DID let the other masseur watch you finish..." and watch as he gets all worked up falling over himself to deny it. ;-)

  7. "He was like 'I WANT 2 JOIN IN'" because you know, people talk in all caps and numbers.

  8. @nomatophobia - that's exactly what I was going to say.


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