Women Love Compliments!

E-mail Submitted by Lina:

Whoa ur pictures must be photo shopped cuz no1 looks that gud!!!!  Ur nor only pretty but ur attractive, 2!

R these enough compliments?  Women love compliments.  My last girl said that I never gave enough so now I give them all the time!!!!!!!  Ur pretty and sexy and attractive!  Ur smart and fun and cute and lovable?  Enough yet???  NOO??????

Ur pretty and hot 2!!!!  I want 2 spend the rest of my life with u!!!!  How could I ever want some other woman?????  They r all dogs!  U r the smartest and best and cutest!!!!  U smell like roses and fairy ribbons (wtf r fairy ribbons? lol) and ur the cleanest ever!

Enough yet?  No???  Wel FUCK.



  1. ^ LMFAO

    "Ur nor only pretty but ur attractive, 2!"

    Aren't they the same thing???

  2. Oh Crap....Charlie Sheen is now on-line dating !!!! The Fairy Ribbons gave it away, even though he took out the "dipped in Tiger Blood" part.

  3. Baku:

    Flowers, rainbows, ponies, little princesses, decorations,.. all pretty but not attractive.

    Charlie's on ecstasy.

  4. Or speed "Enough yet? No??? Wel FUCK."

    But Charlie... there were no smiley faces... I love smiley faces.

  5. I did read this and thought "must be Sheen" but everyone else beat me to it.


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