Why Don't You Have a Profile Up Anymore?

E-mail Submitted by Gerry:

I've been checking out your profile for months, part of me frightened to death that your profile will disappear, the other part frightened of what you'd say if I messaged you. I've finally worked up the courage!

I think our kids (a boy and girl, one for each of us) will love the idea that we met online. Our parents are soooo cooool! they'll say. We'll tell them the story over and over until they're dead and when it's time to start a new family, we will also start our destinies anew as animals that can't be caught until sundown, but then we'll be far away in our nest on a long abandoned prairie with a sunset bathing our feathers, never truly dying, but alive with the life of the world!

I can answer any questions you might have about this beautiful sequence. I can't wait to hear from you.



  1. frightened of what you'd say if I messaged you.

    ...you probably should've followed that first instinct that you're terrifying.

  2. ^The flames wouldn't hurt so much if they actually consumed anything.

  3. This whole "sequence" sounds like a cult brainwashing.

  4. "We'll tell them the story over and over until they're dead" - child death by repetitive storytelling, now that's a novel idea.


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