What a Pal

E-mail Submitted by Thea:

You sing and you dance swing and you lived in england for 2 years and you like punk and metal music too???  Holy crap you're just like my friend Alex.  He sings, dances swing, lived in england for 2 years, and likes shitty punky/metal music too!  Alex is my best friend.

Makes me think you might ACTUALY BE ALEX.  COuld you bend over for me to check your penis?  Hahahahaha... I'm kidding.  Wow though you look like him.  He has the same kind of girly hair but shorter and your lips are hotter than his are.  I should hook you two up and tell him "surprise its your sister!"  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

He'd be all like "fuck man its my sister aw fuck.  You got me good, Buddy!  Ol Buddy who hooks me up with my own sister, aw Buddy you got me good!"  I sure did, you punk metal fuck.  I sure did.

Thanks for the laugh,


  1. O... K...

    Backing away slowly now...

  2. ^ I'm with you on that one. It's pretty sad and lonely when you have to email a stranger about a ridiculous prank you pulled off in your head.

  3. Usually you can spot a penis without the person bending over...


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