Why the "Block E-mail" Function Was Invented

E-mail Submitted by Richard:

Dear Man:

I must introduce you to a man I know, a man who lives in the forest nearby my house and he lives in the forest with his flute.  He can change the weather by plays his flute!  If I bring him things, he will answer my prayer.  I bring him soda and candy lights and now I want to bring him you.  If I bring him you, he might wear you.  That will bring me great joy.

He had a beardy beard and shaved off his own eyelids.... oh how he stares and screams...!



  1. Reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth for some reason...

    Seriously creeped out right now.

  2. ^That was a good, although very strange movie.

  3. ^ Creepy, too.

  4. ^Now he has to use his hands for eyelids!

    I think Christina fried her little brains.

  5. Thank God I never saw that movie. It's on the list my friends made of "Movies Nikki is NOT Allowed to See Because None of Us Want to Deal with Her Nightmares."

    Also, I'm sure this girl is a troll, but goddamn, what a great troll!


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