He Flees

Story Submitted by Bill:

Denise and I were at dinner, and she was itching like crazy.  It was the middle of winter, so I assumed it was dry skin.  Just to be safe, I asked, "Dry skin?"

She replied, "Fleas!"  I laughed.  She frowned and said, "I own three Collies.  It's fleas.  Happens every year.  They even poop on me."

I said, "You're kidding."

She said, "I'm not.  You should thank me for being so honest with you.  I wouldn't confess that to just anyone."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome!"

We had a very pleasant rest of dinner.  I ensured that we didn't hug or shake hands goodbye, and I also ensured that it would be our last goodbye.


  1. She obviously was crazy, or not at all into Bill and made the whole thing up. Bill should have informed her that it would not work out, as fleas make his herpes flare up.

  2. This is "normal" compared to what I've come to expect of this site, even boring I might add.

  3. ^ Agreed. At least it was short.

  4. The fleas are pooping on her?

  5. ^^I definitely thought the dogs were pooping on her too. This is why it's SO CRUCIAL to define one's pronouns. /grammar nerd


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