Wet and Hot, But Not in the Good Way

Story Submitted by Andrea:

Glen and I were out to dinner on our first date. We were at a pub, and he was enjoying a steady supply of beers. He was very into sports, which he had neglected to mention in his profile or messages. He was certainly making up for it during our conversation, though.

"I hope to god you're not a Yankee fan," he said, "Or I'll have to end this date, then kill you."

Charmed. Nice of him to end the date first, though. Wouldn't want that hanging over his head. He emptied another beer, then said, "You're too cute to be a Yankee fan, though. Yankee fans are all ugly buttfucks." He started on another beer, and went on about this or that.

After a couple of minutes, his speaking became labored and he twitched. Then, an awful rumbling noise sounded across the table. It took me a second to realize that it was his gut, and it was clearly enraged. A moment later, he had turned a ghastly pale, said, "Ulp," and puked all over our table.

I shot up, grabbed a handful of napkins from a nearby waiters' station, and threw as many of them onto the quarts of bile that had christened our eating area.

I told him, "We need to get you out of here."

He was able to bark out, "More beer!" then break into laughter.

I asked him once more, "Are you coming with me or am I leaving you here? Come on." I took his arm, but he yanked himself away and banged on the table with his fist. I was done with him, and so I left.


    Are women really getting this desperate???
    This was your FIRST DATE, the guy gets trashed, VOMITS ON THE TABLE, doesn't give a shit about you or your feelings and you try to clean up his mess and take care of him?

    I think you dropped your dignity somewhere, you should take a break from dating and go find it.


  2. ^ But I doubt she intended to do more than get him out and cleaned up, it was more courtesy on her part.

  3. I actually would like to give credit to the OP for being a nice person, it would be understandable to walk away from the whole area, but she actually tried to do something to clean things up a little.

    The little bus boy in me thanks you OP, for making whoever had to clean that up, have a slightly smaller mound of vomit

  4. Actually, I think that the more APPROPRIATE response would have been to end the date, then kill him. ;-)

  5. While I know it's not her fault, all I can think about is the poor waiter and bus staff who had to clean up that guy's vomit and probably didn't get paid for the check OR a tip. I hope OP at least paid for her part of the meal before leaving.


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