Doctors Everywhere, Take Note

Email Submitted by Hanna:

Your profile says that you're a doctor. That's good news, as I need one who won't charge me an arm and a leg (haha). Do you give free care to your friends? And if so, maybe we can be friends.

My medical bills aren't super-high, but let's just say I can use a friend who's a doctor. Needless to say, I can't pay in money but I can help out with chores, errands, servitude, vagina-filling (hey doctors need sex too right? Must be a stressful job and as a doctor you must know that sex is a huge stress reliever! I use it to relieve my medical stress all the time and it works great for me. Would work great for you too but again this is just an offer). I can't pay in money.

Good deal? I think so especially for you, doctor.



  1. Who needs a doctor? Sounds like he self medicates already.

  2. Vagina filling is just making me think of the movie "Teeth"...


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