Party of the Lost

Email Submitted by Theo:

Happy fahthers day! Oh what! You don't have kids? I can relate! I want to have kids over to my house for the day and I have chips and cookies and video games all I need is the kids!

You don't have kids you say but you have neices, nephews, and maybe you can all come to my party! I miss not having kids (I had some but they ran) and just a nice party for the day! Handsome man lol.



  1. *Sent from my iPhone from the back of my black van*

  2. (I had some but they ran)


  3. This guy looks legit...

  4. @fear of names...exactly.

  5. Guys....GLORIA IS A GIRL'S NAME. It was a WOMAN who sent this to a MAN. Almost creepier. Like one of those women who steals babies from hospitals and then claims that they're her own.


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