"We Love Each Other"

Story Submitted by James:

Nicole asked me to pick her up at her house for our first date.  I drove there to pick her up, rang her doorbell, and less than five seconds later, a loud male voice yelled from inside the house: "Don't even think you're going out tonight!  Who the fuck is that?"

Then some stomping, then the same voice yelled, "I asked you a question!  Don't you ignore me, you bitch!"

The sound of something shattering.  I banged on the door and fumbled for my phone, ready to call the police, if necessary.

The door swung open and Nicole stormed out, right past me.  I barely had enough time to say, "Is everything okay?" when a guy about a head taller than I was and hairier than a black bear exploded out in pursuit.

He stopped short when he saw me and growled, "Who the fuck are you?"

I said, "Nicole's friend."

She yelled from the sidewalk, "Come on!  Are we going or what?"

The bear-man yelled at her, "You're in for a surprise when you get back!  Just you wait!"  He gave me a stare, then went back into the house and slammed the door behind him.

I approached Nicole and asked her, "What was that about?"

She said, "Nothing.  Ready to go?"

"Are you all right?"

"Yes!  Let's just fucking go!"

I had planned to take her out to dinner, but I switched it up to coffee, as I suddenly didn't want to spend as much time with her anymore.  The whole time she bit her nails, shook her leg, and acted like something was wrong.  I must have asked her, "Are you okay?" about fifty times.

Finally, she said, "My boyfriend just gets pissed when I see other guys.  He never does anything to me, like hit me or anything, but he throws my stuff around and yells a lot.  Believe me, if he hit me, I'd tear his balls off and he knows it."

"That's terrible.  Why do you stay with him?"

She said, "We love each other."

"If he's your boyfriend, then why are you dating other guys?"

"We're not exclusive.  At least, I'm not.  He knows it, he's just putting up a stink about something else.  Don't worry about it."

I worried about it, and when I dropped her back off at her house, there were piles of books, furniture, kitchen supplies, and clothing strewn all over the yard.

She said, "That fucking asshole," and jumped out of my car before I had even parked it.  Bear-man must have tossed all of her stuff out into the yard.  I accompanied Nicole as she tried her key in the front door, but she couldn't open it.

I asked, "What can I do?"

She said, "Nothing.  He does this every now and then.  He might not even be home, but he probably is."  She banged on the door again.  "You can go.  You shouldn't be here if he comes."

I asked, "Should I call the cops?"

She said, "No!  They'll take him away."

While she went around to the back of the house, I climbed into my car, drove away, and called the cops.  They said they'd send a car.  I'm not sure what happened after that, but hopefully they did just as she said and took him far, far away.


  1. Hey, it looks like another Bad Case of Should Have Called the...

    Oh, wait, OP did call the authorities. Bravo.

  2. ^^^Haha!

    You usually make me cringe, Howie. Thanks for changing it up.

  3. Well at least they have love.

  4. "We love each other, but apparently not enough to respect each others' wishes and belongings!"

    Glad OP called the cops, it was a step away from being physically abusive. Neither Nicole or her boyfriend should be seeing anyone, due to them both being selfish idiots.

  5. Looks like big-hairy-bear man beat you to the punch.

  6. James, bravo. You seem like a good guy.


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