Hopefully Kindergarten, But Probably Junior High

E-mail Submitted by Clarence:

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TV.  You listed shows I've never heard of.  What about Jersey shore or glee?  You probably like those too "It's a Jersey thing!" lol.  Sometimes my friends and I get together and we have weekly marathons every few nights.  Popcorn, ice cream, and a great show and friends!  Do you like the office?  Omg Dwhite is so funny!


Clarence Responds:

Hi Irene.  The shows I listed are on the Discovery Channel.  I've never watched Jersey Shore or Glee, but I've seen the British version of The Office.  Have you seen it?  Dwight is based on a character named Gareth Keenan, and he is a good character.  Tell me more about your teaching.  How old are your students?


Irene Responds:

Yah my students love the office.  There's a british version?  Haha copycats!  british suck!  j/k.  My grandfather watches the discovery channel.  They always have wedding shows on when I watch it and I'm not that kid of girl!  I like their wedding shows tho.



  1. "You think I would just grind my feet on Eddie's couch? I had a little more sense than that. Yeah, I remember grinding my feet on Eddie's couch." - Rick James

  2. Wow. She teaches? I weep for the future... more so than I already did.

  3. The British version is the only version.

  4. Love that quote Jared. And I must make another "You and me, baby ain't nothin but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel." (Bad Touch) And the British version of the office is UMAZING! I like wedding shows too, but the ones on "WeTV." :D


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