A Subtle Solution, His Over-Loving E-mail

E-mail Submitted by Jasmine:

Failure to respond will make me sad.  Under what circumstances would you Consent to a date with me?  Kickball is one of my favorite sports!

My favorite book is twilight.  Ehhhh... no, it's vonnegut.

But I digress.  Tell me what Can be done and He'll (me) make a date happen!


Jasmine says: "Seems benign enough, until you take all of the capital letters from the message to spell something out."


  1. Woah! Weird? Or rape GENIUS!?

  2. hahahahahahaha!
    Can't believe U Noticed That!

  3. Subliminal messages apparently don't always work...
    Reminds me of a guy who asked me out once using the same technique on IM.

  4. Totally impressed OP that you even caught that.

  5. hahahhahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. I also love how it really says
    F**K ME B**CHD.
    Spelling fail.

  7. Also, unless he thinks he's God, he doesn't have to capitalize the H in He'll and add the (me) for justification. Could've just used the "happen" right there.

    Too nitpicky?

  8. ^ too Nitpicky?
    hmmm....whY? do you think that you wEre being So?

  9. Where is this book called Vonnegut?

  10. Um, how did you even notice that? I would've deleted the email right after I saw that he likes to read Twilight.

  11. ^ If I saw a "I like to read twilight" in an email to me I'd do the same.


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