That Had Better Be Some Good Chicken

Story Submitted by Arnold:

Tina messaged me first online.  She lived in a town two hours away from me and complained that all the guys in her area were "idiots" with "just one thing on their minds."  I sympathized with her and we struck up a good set of conversations, first by e-mail, then by phone.

After talking back and forth for a month, I asked her if she wanted to meet up.  I suggested to meet somewhere in the middle, and she agreed.  She suggested a Chinese restaurant she said she had been to before.

The day of the date, I called her to confirm and left a message on her voicemail.  I drove to the place and when I made it there, I had a surprise.

She was there, but with another guy.  When she saw me, I waved at her, and it took her a good ten seconds to make the connection.  She stood up from her booth and walked up to me.

She asked, "What are you doing here?"

I said, "I'm here for our date.  Ready?"

She glanced back at her table and said, "I'm here with another... yeah, another date.  Oh God... are you sure ours was tonight?"


"Shit.  Well, what should I do?"

Mistakes happen, and although I had driven an hour to go on a non-date, I wanted to be understanding.  I asked, "Want to hang out after your dinner with this guy?"

She said, "No.  I already promised that I'd spend the night at his place."

"Oh.  Well–"

She said, "Probably going to do the nasty."  My face must have given her a hell of a look, because she put her hand over her mouth and said, "Shit.  Sorry.  Too much honesty?"

I stepped away from her and said, "I'm probably going to order something for take out.  If you'd like to pay for it, I'll consider the matter closed."

She agreed to it, and I ordered a $12 entree.  She gave me the money and went back to her table.  What she told the guy, I didn't know, but I didn't watch her anymore after that.

When my food arrived, she came up to me again and asked, "Can we still hang out sometime?  I feel really bad about this."

I said, "Maybe.  Thanks for dinner," and left.  Never hung out with her, but the food from that place wasn't bad.


  1. Reminds me of the girl who made it a habit of squeezing 6 dates into a single evening. Such a ridiculous practice.

  2. when she said the guys in her town were "idiots" with "just one thing on their minds." she was really talking about herself. People of Earth, take heed! Whenever ANYONE says something about someone else- good or bad- they are really revealing to you something about themselves. Take notice of these things in your daily lives. And let's be careful out there!

  3. While you have some slight sympathy over gas money and time spent, I have to agree with rodent. She messed up and you deliberatly used her guilt for a free supper. Kind of skeezy.

  4. You know what's kinda skeezy? Forgetting what guy you were supposed to have a date with, and then telling the guy you were supposed to date that you're gonna go back and fuck the other guy.

    I think the dinner was well justified. Maybe that's me though.


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