Tenderized Loving Care

E-mail Submitted by Harry:


We should get together to tenderize and test each other.  If I give you my number will you call with specifics?  Last time I tried this, my husband nearly died, and that's the truth!  We had to go to an emergency room to untenderize him.  We probably didn't test enough before, but who knows?  I'd feel much better doing this under your supervision.

How long have you tenderized?  What shoes do you wear when you do it?  I thought about trying out my daughter's shoes but I haven't tested first, and that makes me anxious.

Let me know when you're free to tenderize and test.  I bought a fresh set of sheets and my garage is clean enough.  My husband's really into it now!


(Harry says: "I'm sure that she meant this for someone else.  But it still freaks me out."


  1. This is my favorite post!!! Nobody commented on this? That letter is amazing!

    What tools are necessary for tenderizing?? Are they found at Home-Depot?? Are they expensive enough to warrant renting or would it be cheaper to buy the tools for multiple tenderings?!

  2. I don't understand this..are they talking about EATING each other?!

  3. At first I thought this was some fetish with walking on the guys back in bitch heels, and fresh sheets could work with that. But why does the bloody garage have to be clean? Is there heavy equipment involved?

  4. And how exactly would one "untenderize" anything? Injections of cement?

  5. From Urban Dictionary:

    To immerse the subject person in continuous patterns of sincere, intense and highly concentrated physical and emotional affection.

    "Tenderized Love" represents the climactic state of amorousness that results between the subject and the "acting party" after prolonged episodes of tenderizing.


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