I Bet You Do

E-mail Submitted by Erica:

Hi I'm a casting director with American Casting Serviecs Incorporated.  You have a great face and actress physique and we want to ask you to play a role in our new BROADWAY SHOW!!!

Our actressses appeared in Guys and Dolls, Hello DOlly and even the Phantom!, and in other famous shows.  You would be perfect to play the role of Susan - she is a beautiful woman who is used by her boyfriend for lots and lots of sex.  The sex scenes in this show wil be simulated if it makes you more comfortable.  I will direct and star in the show as the byfriend and I pmrise that there will be professional at all times.

Susan has lines like the "Give me more sex" and "I dont have enough of sex" then followed by sex.  This is not a cheap way for me to get sex.  I have wife and beautiful children and this is legitimatre play you can look us up we are called American Casting Services Incorporated BCM ACR.

Write back to let us know your interest.  I look forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. "Give me more sex", "I don't have enough of sex" - these lines are compelling. They remind me of that guy from that story a while ago who asked, "will we be having the sex tonight?"

  2. At least he's not some sleazoid creep trolling for women online with a "casting director" act - he's an upstanding professional guy. Y'know, 'cause he told us so.

  3. This guy could learn from the great Lorenzo von Matterhorn and at least have a website. Amateur.

  4. I was, of course, compelled to Google "American Casting Services." Lo and behold, it exists...as a one-person operation that apparently does steel and metal casting in Newton, Kansas.

  5. Good lord. Rape alert.

  6. He forgot to mention all filming is done in his basement, which you will never be allowed to leave.


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