Sorry, I'm Booked Forever

E-mail Submitted by Donald:

It's been a while since I've dated and I don't usualy write messages to guys but I liked your profile and it was funny.

I'm Genevieve and I am a but quiet at first, but I have some really good friends who have bonds with me that can never be broken by anything.

In junior high I started a filing system in which I bought lots of file folders and put names for people I knew on them.  I put what I really thought about them into each file and kept adding to it.

It wasn't until a few years went by that I rezlied that I only made a folder for someone if I wanted them dead.  My folders read like a "people to kill" grocery chart, lol.  I made it easier to keep track by just making a list.  Do you think that if killing wasn't illegal there'd be more of it and we'd all have killed by now (or been killed?)?  How's that for philosophy?

This isn't meant to threaten but watch out if you get a folder.... jk.  There now you know something secret and personal about me.

When do you want to meet?  I'm so bad at these things.



  1. Yes Genevieve, yes you are. But there is no way in hell I'll tell you that to your face.

  2. Is she bad at this because she's psycho, or is she psycho because she's like this?

    Either way, send that stuff to Post Secrets, not a romantic interest. Well, maybe in some fetish society it's ok..........maybe.


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