Another Reason to Join Curves

E-mail Submitted by Rose:

I've only done 10 positions in kamasutra and I want to do them all before I die.  You say you're a gymnast.... interesting....

I like sex and you like gymnastics....
I like crazy sex and you like being bendy....
I like bendy gymnastics women.  Maybe you like sex?

Maybe you like sex too?  Write either way.



  1. So... not that you're experienced and she'll enjoy it, but that you're just interested in checking everything off a list?

    Has this worked for you yet?

  2. Maybe you like sex too?

  3. Really? "Write either way"?!

  4. He should at least get some points for being honest.

  5. There's something refreshing about the completely blunt, "I'm not even going to try to pretend otherwise" approach.


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