Hot, Cold, Sane, and Not So Much

Story Submitted by Iris:

Steven, for our third date, invited me over to his apartment for dinner.  On our previous date, he had told me about a play he was in when he was in third grade.  It sounded funny, so I asked him if he'd show me the video before the meal.

We sat together on his couch, watched the video, and had a few good laughs.  More than once, he turned to me and said, "You're so hot," or "I can't believe how hot you are."  Nice sentiments, and I thanked him for them, but the number of times he said such things and his manner of speaking should have clued me in that something was odd.

Once it was over, he said, "Ready for dinner?"  I was, and then came the surprising part.  He said, "Lie down and close your eyes."

I asked, "For dinner?"

He said, "I promise I won't do anything sexual.  You are really hot, though."

It was a third date, and I made a snap decision to trust him.  I stretched myself out on the sofa.  He stood up and left the room.  I heard some shuffling around from the direction of his kitchen.  Then he walked back in, and I felt a few light boxes being placed upon myself.  They felt cold through my clothes, and he balanced the last one on my forehead.

He said, "Open your eyes, but don't move."  I opened my eyes, and saw that he had placed a few boxes of frozen foods on me.  "Don't move," he cautioned again, "You're so hot, they'll melt in no time, and then we can have dinner."

I smiled, then took them off of myself.  "What are you doing?" he asked, then frantically, as I took each one off, "What are you doing?"

I said, "I think a stove or microwave would work better."

"Get out!" he said, "You were the hottest thing in here, but now you're not!  Get out!"

He had raised his voice considerably, and looked as if he was considering violence.  I grabbed my bag and left as quickly as I could.  What's strange is that he had never previously indicated any sort of psychosis, but he had clearly demonstrated one.  Lucky for me, I was able to escape, but I'd love to be able to warn his future dates. 


  1. Yeah he's a psycho, but I'm just glad you got out of there ok.

  2. OP, really?

    "It was a third date, and I made a snap decision to trust him."

    If after two previous dates, you don't already trust the guy, why are you alone in his home? Trusting people should probably be based on something more than a "snap decision."

  3. I am a little confused. If you didn't already trust him, why were you alone at his house with him?

  4. I don't think you guys understood the OP's comment. She basically said it seemed OK to trust the guy because it was a third date, even though his request was very odd and he had started acting a bit strangely. Especially considering what followed, I can imagine how Iris might have started to feel more and more uneasy as time went on, but was confused at first because the guy had been more or less normal up to that point - hence the "decided to trust him" part.

  5. ^Yeah agree with Churro - she decided it was probably OK to lie there with her eyes closed, as he hadn't shown any signs of being crazy...

    Wonder what the food was? Was it a complete meal? The actual food may have provided insight into his delirium... Any guesses?


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