Sold Out on Common Sense

Story Submitted by Pia:

There was a park not far from my hometown that I hadn't been to in years. I remembered some good times there with my family when I was younger, so when Alan asked me for a light lunch and a walk there, I agreed to join him.

There were two abandoned shacks on the property, and Alan wanted to visit those first. I followed him to the doorstep of one, but didn't follow him inside.

He turned to me and asked, "You scared?"

I looked at the rickety, rotten, cracked wooden floor and said, "The floor doesn't look stable."

Alan took a few steps in, then forcefully jumped up and down on the floor a few times.

He fell through. Well, up to his ankles, anyway. He toppled over and fell on his side. "Aaaagh!" he yelled, "My fucking feet!"

I pulled out my phone and called an ambulance. He screamed, "My fucking feet! My motherfucking, fucking feet!"

I knelt near him and made him as comfortable as I could before paramedics arrived, which they did within 15 minutes. They had to tear away at part of the floor and put him on a stretcher.

As things turned out, he was fine. He didn't even break anything. I kept in touch with him for a little while afterward, but he didn't ask me out again.

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