I Know What You Couldn't Find

E-mail Submitted by Valerie:

Hey I'm Bart I'm 22 and I sell insurance. I had a girl for five years until I told her either the fat goes or I go. Might sound harsh but I was thinking only of her health. 300 pounds! Holy Christ!  My God!  So roly-poly, she fell off the bed - splat!

I wish my bed was that high.  She just climbed back up and next to me and we made with the sex and I couldn't find... you know.

Save me!



    "We made with the sex" just made my morning. This is gold!

  2. I had the opposite problem, Bart
    ...my ex girlfriend was anorexic and I saw less and less of her...

  3. ^very tame, Howie... I'm surprised at you!! :P


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