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Story Submitted by Murray:

Dinah, who I had spoken to for weeks on a dating site, called to ask me if I could meet her at a local motel later that day.  It sounded like an unusual place to meet, but I figured that once there, we could go off to dinner or what-have-you.

When I arrived in the dingy lobby, she introduced herself, then led me out to a rear parking lot.  She said, "My brother's having trouble with his jeep.  Maybe you can help."

I've worked on home heating and cooling systems for a long time, but I've never really worked on vehicles before.  Dinah's brother's jeep had its hood open, a small pile of parts on a towel next to it, and her brother himself was covered in grease from head to toe.  He shook my hand and said, "Ready to work?"

I wasn't, as I was dressed for a date with Dinah.  I told him, "I don't know what Dinah told you, but I'm not too great with jeeps.  Sorry."

He said, "I can use an extra pair of hands, and Dinah's about to head out."

I said, "I know.  I'm her date."

"Date?" he asked, then he turned to Dinah.  "What's he talking about?  You said you called your mechanic friend from college to help me out.  This isn't him?" he pointed to me.

She said, "Well, Murray works on HVAC systems.  I thought it would help."

I said to her, "They're completely different, and we didn't meet in college."

She said to me, "You're such an asshole."

I asked, "What?"

Her brother said, "And what did he mean, he's your 'date'?"

She said to her brother, "Fine.  I'll stay here and help you."

He raised his voice.  "I want to know what he meant by 'date.'  You playing around on me?"

Ah.  Turned out, Dinah's "brother" wasn't her brother after all.  He was her boyfriend.  What Dinah had hoped would happen by inviting me over, other than a major conflict, I didn't know. 

Her "brother" and herself yelled back and forth at each other, and I excused myself as quickly as possible and drove away.


  1. Sounds like you escaped a bad case if the assbeatings

  2. Was Jerry Springer filming all this?

  3. What a disappointment - the motel beginning looked promising :p

    Guess what she hoped for was that the OP would jump under the jeep, not question her about their date when she left by herself, and spend a few hours with her boyfriend/'brother' without ever discussing how he knew her...


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