I'm Not Crazy. I'm Just Crazy.

E-mail Submitted by Alyssa:

Unsure who you've been talking to but I want you to take the line "I've had it with crazy guys" out of your profile.


My last girlfriend broke up with me saying pretty much the same thing.  I'm not a crazy guy, let's get that straightened out.  She said it to me while she was drunk, but when I found her on my floor in the morning and I asked her if she meant it, she said yes.  You might be her new friend but I don't want to be reading that line again it makes me want to puke.

I'm not a crazy guy.  If caring, being loving, giving, generous, compassionate, and good to a girl makes me crazy, then I guess I'm crazy by her definition but not by most other people's.  That why it's just so amazing that you have the same line in your profile.  Too much a coincidence.  No.  Please take it out as other good guys might be put down by it.  I will suffer for them, but now enough is enough.


(Alyssa says: "The line 'I've had it with crazy guys' has never appeared in my profile.")


  1. JMG, definitely agree on that one.

    What I'd like to know is if Alyssa is friends with Ronnie's ex at all.


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