Sour Revenge

Story Submitted by Billy:

The day of my date with Jane, she sent me an e-mail to ask me if I'd run a quick errand with her after dinner.  I didn't have a problem with it, although I did write back to ask her the nature of the errand.

"I'm just dropping something off at a friend's house," she said.  I wasn't sure why she needed me with her for such a thing, but I took it as a sign of good faith that the date would go well enough for her to want to spend more time with me after dinner.

We met at a coffee place, and she asked me, "Hey, I was wondering if we could run that errand before dinner, instead of after?  Shouldn't take long."

She took me in her car to a residential neighborhood, parked it in front of a house, and turned to me.  "Come with me?  This shouldn't take a moment."

I asked, "What's this about?"

She said, "I just need your moral support.  Just play along," and hopped out of the car.  I followed her up a walkway and she rang a doorbell.

A tall guy with about three days' worth of stubble answered the door.  Jane put an arm around me and said to him, "See?  I'm fully capable of getting a new boyfriend."

Automatically, I said, "I'm not your boyfriend."

"Shut up!" she yelled, "You are!"  She turned to the guy and said, "Bye," then pulled me with her down the walkway.

"I'm not your boyfriend, though," I said again, loud enough for the guy to hear.  We both climbed into her car and he watched us leave.

On our way back to town, she said, "Thanks for trying to fuck that up for me.  I think he got the message, though."

"That you're a liar?"

No response from her for about five minutes, until she said, "I'm just going to drop you back off at your car, okay?  Where is it?"

She did just that, and thus ended my date with Jane.


  1. Ugh. I hate people who automatically assume you'll go along with their story when they make up stuff like that. She had plenty of time to brief you on what you were "supposed to say" ahead of time too, if she wanted to at least be somewhat truthful about the situation.

  2. Stories like this appear on this blog quite frequently. This scenario seems to be enacted only by women though. Have we had any guys show up at exes places with girls they barely just met, claiming to be in a new relationship?

  3. There was an email from a guy who wanted a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend I think?

  4. I feel for ya dude...take it from me..it's not easy being a trophy date. coff, coff...but you might get used to it.

  5. Nikki, I too have often wondered if men do this. Sadly, I've known a few women like the one in this story.

  6. Nikki: I remember there was a story on this blog where a guy brought the OP over to restaurant, walked up to another girl with a guy, and said something like, "Look what I got since you turned me down!" Then, the OP foiled his plan by saying she was the guy's cousin, making him look stupid.

  7. Well when your roommate starts dating your ex, you really don't have a choice about running into this scenario...though at least I never had the intent to use my girlfriend as an excuse to boast.

    Boy those sure were the days...

  8. Baku, thanks! I totally remember that one now. :)


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