If You Say So

Email Submitted by Marina:

This is an emergency.  I need fucking.  I'll pay whatever you want for some.  ****NOT A SCAM.



  1. I've been duped by so many such scams before. It's nice to meet someone honest for a change.

  2. I wouldn't normally, but since it's an emergency...

  3. If it's an emergency, what's his problem with going down to Crack Alley and getting himself a real prostitute?

  4. Soliciting for sex online. For when it's a real emergency, just not one that warrants leaving the house.

  5. I LOVE THIS POST. Thank you, Jared! It's not a scam. He just wants sex. LOL for a week!

  6. Can't tell you how many times I've been suckered into scams like this....

  7. I'm curious about the "emergency" he's having regarding fucking...pon farr, maybe?

  8. I was originally picturing this coming from a girl...seems less skeevy that way, somehow...

  9. Pon farr: it'll kill you ...but it's still not worth leaving the house.

    @Princess -- that had me in absolute hysterics, btw.


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