The Witches Just Aren't Trying, Anymore

Email Submitted by Ian:

Have you heard of the witching Hour?  It's the hour of night where witches!  I am can tell you whenthe Witching Hour is.  If you write me back only ;)

Many witches!  Soooooo many waitches!  They come for you during the witching hour!  When is it?  Will you be safes?  Write me back and I will tell!  ;)

Time for witches! Not now because it's not witching hour.  Once it is you need to be somewhere from where they can see you or they will dance with your bdybdy!  Beware the witching hour!  Write me back and I will say when it is.... ;)  ;)



  1. Or, I could remember something I learned as a child almost 2 decades ago, shake my head, then hit "DELETE".

  2. It's 3AM. Also I think Jared took a subtle dig at the terrible grammar and writing with that misplaced comma...

  3. The bdybdy made me do it.

  4. I actually laughed aloud at this one. Just picturing someone saying this verbally. "Will you be safes?" She sounds like a LOLCat.

  5. ^LOL. This sounds like a weird children's book. I love that she ended it with two winks. ;) ;)

  6. Think my high school English teacher just had a coronary.

  7. "It's the hour of night where witches!"

    Night were-witches. Their powers only manifest during the night of a full moon.


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