Hit with a Stiff Breeze

E-mail Submitted by Donna:

How often have you gone skydiving?  I've gone about a dozen times.  It's no big deal.  You evewr make love to someone in the air?  My first skydiving instructor was a woman and I got off while falling through the air with her.  Higher than mile high, baby!!!!!

There's a guy I know who's a total dick.  My plan's to pretend to be his friend, get him to go skydiving with me, then be like, "Here's your parachute!!!" and actually give him a backpack with nothing in it.  He'll jump out of the plane and scream all the way down.  Do you think he'd stop to inhale to scream again or that he'd just scream himself insideout?

Fun for me, less for him, but that's why I'm the smart one here.  Where did you go to college?  I went to TULSA GO HURRICANE!!!!!!



  1. The smart ones always leave documented evidence of premeditated murder!

  2. "I got off while falling through the air with her"
    Ewww... I just picture him humping her on the way down.

    Real smart way to impress a potential date too...

  3. Here's to hoping his next jump squashes him out of the gene pool.


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