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Story Submitted by Lamar:

I worked in a mid-size publishing house and Fran was one of my coworkers.  We were the only two people around the same age (mid-twenties) and so we bonded quickly.  Our talks became more and more personal and I finally asked her if she'd want to grab drinks on any Friday after work.

She agreed to the idea. The day of the date, she told me that she wanted to head home first to shower and change, and I wanted to do the same, so we both left work with the intent to meet up at a particular bar in just a little bit.  On my way home, I realized that I had forgotten an important manuscript at the office, and so I turned around to retrieve it.

When I arrived, it was mostly deserted for the weekend.  I rounded the corner to my office and stopped short.  The door was open, and the light was on inside.  When I peeked in, I found that Fran had somehow broken in, and was sitting at my computer, trying to guess my password. 

I knew that she'd never guess it in a million years, but I still had to make it in there to grab the manuscript.  Carefully, I took a picture of her on my camera phone and slipped a little way down the hall, into an empty cubicle.  I texted her, "Can't wait to see you!" as a way to remind her that she had to hurry up and ready herself for the date.

Sure as sure could be, she exited my office, walked right past the cubicle, and I watched her go.  I hoped that she wouldn't recognize my car in the parking lot.  Upon returning to my office, I grabbed the manuscript, locked my office door, and hightailed it home.

I rushed the shower and made it to the bar a little early.  She arrived looking great, and I almost reconsidered my plan, but justice won out.

After kicking back a drink, I pulled out my phone and said, "I want to show you something," and held up the photo of her in my office, at my computer.

She blinked at it.  "What's this?" she asked.

"You tell me," I said, with a smirk.

She said, "You were spying on me?"

I replied, I had to come back to pick up the Walker manuscript.  Imagine my surprise when I found you in my office.  What were you thinking?"

She stood up and said, "You were spying on me.  Good night, asshole," and stormed out.

I might have been able to get her fired, but I kept quiet about it.  She barely ever spoke to me at work again, after that.


  1. What was on your computer that she needed so bad? A picture of you so that she could show all her friends that she actually had a date?

  2. What was the point of confronting her about it if you weren't going to say or do anything?

  3. I agree with theMediator. "Justice won out?" More like "Justice pussied out."

  4. The title made me think she was going to edit OP's grammar.

    "I finally asked her if she'd want to grab drink..."
    Grab drink, OP? There are these fun little words you may be familiar with...determiners (articles, if you're old school) like "a." Use as necessary.

  5. ^Rachel loosen up. Don't go ape shit for one missing letter.

    Sigh...its that time of the month already?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @Float, are you referring to your own time of month? You sound like you could "loosen up." ;)

  8. You both suck. OP should have said something on the spot and Fran shouldn't have been snooping.

  9. That's pretty lame that Lamar didn't have the balls to get Fran fired. It would have been the right thing to do, esp. caught red-handed and having proof.


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