Her Loss. Cream Filling's Awesome.

Story Submitted by Vince:

Arianna and I were in a pastry shop and I bought us two cupcakes.  I picked out a chocolate-cream-filled sprinkled one, and she picked out a vanilla cream-filled choco-vanilla one.  We sat down and she took a bite out of hers, only to spit it out all over the table.

"Look!" she said, hoisting the offending dessert up to my face, "Look!"

There was a vanilla cream filling.  I said, "There's a vanilla cream filling."

"There's a vanilla cream filling!" she repeated, then stood up and brought it over to the clerk behind the register.  She held it up to the clerk and said, "There's a vanilla cream filling."

The clerk said, "Yes.  Our vanilla cream-filled choco-vanilla cupcakes have a vanilla cream filling.  Is it no good?"

Arianna said, "I hate vanilla cream fillings.  They're too sweet.  It didn't say 'vanilla cream-filled' anywhere."

The clerk pointed to the little sign in the pastry display case next to a collection of similar cupcakes that read, Vanilla cream-filled choco-vanilla cupcakes.  Arianna said, "This cupcake blows.  I hate vanilla cream filling."

I called over to her, "I'll eat it.  We can switch."

She said, "Fine," and she sat back down with me and switched cupcakes.

A moment later, she spat out a bite of her new cupcake.  "Christ!" she said, "More cream filling!"

I said, "Yeah.  It's a chocolate-cream-filled sprinkle cupcake."

She said, "Why did you give it to me?  You know I hate cream filling!"

"You said you hated vanilla cream filling."

"No!  I hate all cream fillings!"


"God damn it!"  She trembled and I seriously thought that she was going to have some sort of medical crisis.

I said, "I'll finish it, if you want.  I can buy you a cupcake without any type of cream filling at all, if you want."

"No," she said, "The day's ruined."  She folded her arms and wouldn't look at me anymore.  I finished up both cupcakes, we walked out together, said our goodbyes, and away she stomped.


  1. "we walked out together, said our goodbyes, and away she stomped."


  2. ...i guess BJ's are outta the question, Vincent

  3. so were you on a date with Cartman?


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