I'll Send You There, Myself

E-mail Submitted by Tony:

What changed your mind from wanting to be a priest?  Stop finding little boys attractive?  Hahaha jk.  I think it's admirable that you considered it for a little while but better for you.  More sex this way haha jk.

Priests are all sexually frustrated and now you can not worry about that.  I'd never consider being a priest mostly cause I don't have dick lol!  Seriously you must be brave now god hates you jk jk jk.

Don't feel bad I think god hates ME... I pushed my friend downstairs when I was really young and god's hated me ever since.  He told me I'm goin to hell lol.  I wish I could push her downstairs again for saying that.  You're a priest - does that count as confession?  hahahaha jk jk.



  1. I think she sounds lovely
    hahahahh jk

  2. The overuse of jk drives me up the wall. Literally! I drove my car up the side of a building because of this post; thanks, JMG!

  3. She sounds psycho hahahaha jkjkjkjkjkjk.

    No, I'm not.


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