Girls and Their Curls

Story Submitted by Travis:

Audrey and I met in person at a village green, and she still had a curler in her hair.  I didn't think it was any kind of big deal, but I pointed it out to her, since she'd probably want to know.

She reached into her hair, pulled it out, and said, "You're not supposed to say that to a girl."

I replied, "I figured you'd want to know, instead of going through the entire dinner without knowing about it."

She said, "I understand, but you're still not supposed to point those things out."

"I won't next time, in your case.  How was your day?"

She clenched her fists and trembled a little bit.  This was evidently some sort of sore subject for her.  "I'm waiting for an apology."

"For what?"

"For the curler thing."

"Why would I apologize?  You'd have rather gone through dinner with it in your hair the whole time?"

"You're not supposed to point that out.  You wouldn't like it if I told you that your dick was hanging out, would you?"

I said, "Actually, I would.  It would help me avoid a rap for indecent exposure."

"I'm waiting," she said, and folded her arms.

I said, "I'm sorry, okay?  Can we do dinner, now?"

She replied, "You obviously didn't mean that.  You're seriously not going to apologize?  You're really coming off as an asshole here, I hope you know."

She was obviously trying to pick a fight, and I lose patience with such people very quickly.  I said, "One apology is all you're getting.  I'm going to dinner.  Join me or don't."

I turned and walked toward a row of restaurants.  When I looked behind myself a minute or so later, she was nowhere in sight.


  1. a curler in her hair AND a chip on her shoulder. Nice combo.

  2. Why would you want her to join you for dinner at that point?

  3. ^It was just a closing line, dude. He knew she obviously wasn't going to join him.

    And as embarrassing as it may be to have such things pointed out to me, I would ALWAYS want someone to let me know (in a polite way) that there was something amiss, like food in my teeth or bird shit on my shirt.

  4. ^ agreed...especially if there is a bear in the cave (booger in the snot locker)

  5. Absolutely. I would consider them a BAD person if they didn't tell me!! Just to let me go around with something in my teeth/hair/ whatev. The only way it would have been wrong is if he was rude or condescending about it.

  6. @Howie - I always thought it was "bat in the cave"

  7. Cheri, Howie must get some pretty big ones!

  8. ^ I say bear because some of my boogs are brown, some black and others are sismply grizzly!

  9. It could have been the way he pointed it out. Shouting, pointing, and laughing would have rendered her response acceptable.

    ...but I doubt it.

  10. Why would you NOT want someone to let you know if you'd sat on something/had something in your teeth, etc.? It's better to be embarassed by one person knowing and politely helping you avoid further embarassment, rather than a bunch of strangers who wouldn't be so considerate.
    Really, it was a curler. It's not a big deal.

  11. A coworker of mine got seriously pissed at me for pointing out something completely innocuous one time (salad in her teeth maybe?). Like everyone else here in Commentland, I would much rather have it pointed out so that I can fix whatever the problem is.


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