Future Mother of the Year

Story Submitted by Daniel:

Connie and I had been on one date already, and it had gone well enough to raise the possibility of a second date.  We arranged something for a late Saturday morning.  "You can meet me at my house and then we'll head out," she said.

When I made it to her place, she took a little while to open the door and looked a bit frazzled in sweatpants and a t-shirt.  She said, "Come on in.  I'm babysitting Jeff, my neighbor's five-year-old, and he's a handful."

I thought it strange that she had asked me to meet up while she was babysitting.  She said, "Now that you're here, it'll be a bit easier.  I'm not sure if we're going to be able to go out."

I asked, "Did your neighbor spring this on you last minute?  I mean, I don't mind helping for a little while, but we had plans."

She asked, "Can you help me find him?  He likes to hide and won't come out for anything."

We searched the house.  I walked past the stairs on the ground floor when I heard the sound of a door click.  I turned to the front door, where Jeff turned his head to face me.  His hand was on the doorknob, and he was clearly intent on escaping.

"Connie!" I yelled, and Jeff opened the door and ran out.  I burst out of the house and caught up with him in the front yard before he could make it to the street.  I grabbed him and held on just tight enough to prevent his escape.

He cried and sobbed and wiggled for freedom.  Connie made it to us and yelled, not at him, but at me.  "What the hell are you doing?" she said, and grabbed him from me, hugging him tight.  "Why did you hurt him?"

I said, "I only held him.  He was running for the road!"

In a swift moment of poetic justice, he pulled away from her, slapped her twice in the face, and ran back towards the house.  She chased him back inside, and I was so stunned by the event that I waited outside for a few moments to collect my thoughts, and then left, there and then.


  1. I have to hate the stigma of guys around kids. You could be perfectly normal and trying to help, but one wrong move and you're branded a pervert.

  2. ^ And people wonder why guys don't want kids.

  3. Where does a 5 year old learn that slapping anyone is okay, and why has he not yet been taught otherwise?

  4. Wow Mediator, talk about being judgmental. Sounds like you could be in a future ABCoD

  5. ^ It ain't judgmental if it's the truth.

  6. Baku, it's not just SOME guys who don't want kids. I don't want any little babies growing inside of me and driving me insane. I love my niece and nephews, but honestly, being able to give them back to their parents at the end of the day/when the baby's diaper is dirty is the best part of loving them.

    Ten bucks says that the 5-year-old was actually HER kid, and not the neighbor's. She probably just couldn't get a babysitter.

  7. I don't know where you get off, Craig, but theMediator is 100% right. It may not be fair but it's true! If it were a woman running after some random person's child you'd think,'Oh! She's being maternal and doesn't want that child to get hurt!" now switch that for a man and every woman within 10kms has their mommy-sense tingling. A guy running after a kid that's not theirs is a recipe for disaster. It's sad, but true.

  8. I'm a mom, and I sometimes get a little protective of my boy. However, had I been in her situation, and he snatched that kid up, regardless of who the child belonged to, I wouldn't have freaked out. Clearly, if the kid was outside, it wasn't safe, and he were chasing him, he was doing what he was told.

  9. Agreed with Nikki, it was her kid and she couldn't find a sitter.

  10. Huh, not sure how I was being judgmental there, but whatever floats your boat, Craig.


    But as I was saying, I love kids, I would never hurt one, and i look forward to having my own one day, but it sucks to have to take into account how everything looks to everyone else all the time. Are you being friendly, or too friendly? Do you put your hand on a child to stop them from getting into something they are not supposed to, or do you look in vain to find the absent parent? God how I wish I lived in a time when people assumed you had their, and their children's best interests at heart.


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