Why? You Going Somewhere?

E-mail Submitted by Sara:

If I were to guess how much you weigh I'd guess a cool 120. You are smokin'!  But sadly, death awaits us all, 120 or not. You should take advantage of life while you have a chance! Advantage life!

You should go out with me.  We're both alive.

For now.



  1. Wow, he sounds like a good time.

  2. I'm guessing a Carnival Weight Guesser whose Father raised him in a Funeral Home....

  3. Sometimes, anything with a heartbeat will do...

  4. When emo high school boys try to flirt.

  5. ^ All it's missing is the depressing poem.

  6. "You should go out with me. We're both alive. For now".

    Right, that's before he takes you back to his place, throws a chloroform-dipped towel under your nose, rendering you unconscious. He'll then tie you up, wait for you to regain consciousness, then torture you before slowly dismembering if you.

    Then you you won't be both alive anymore.

  7. I may have just drank a little extra tonight, but I have to say - so far, one of my favorite comment threads yet.

  8. Translation: You don't weigh a lot, so go out with me! We can kill ourselves together at the end of the date! Or I can just kill you.

  9. 120! That'll make it easier to throw you in my trunk!

  10. This reminds me of a plus sized comedienne who labled herself as "hard to kidnap."


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