Flesh Propeller, Away!

E-mail Submitted by Paul:

k got your message.  so what you need to know:  I'm a nudist.  Don't go getting excited.  The chances that we'll meet are impossibly low.  I don't mention this on my profile or else I'd be deluged with messages, but yes I like to be nude around the house and on the beach.

No, I won't be your third, fourth, fifth, whatever.  No, I won't be nude with you in public.  No, I won't let you spin me around and around on your dick like I'm some kind of flesh propeller. 

I urinate where I feel like around the house and clean up later!  I work from home and so one could say that I go to work nude.  I'm very clean and you can eat off any part of me.  No, you can't.  I haven't had sex in five years and it might be another five.  Can you go five years?  Until you do don't bother messaging me again - so you know what it's like. 



  1. "I urinate where I feel like around the house and clean up later! "

  2. Holy cheese... she pees wherever she feels like it in her own home but then claims she's very clean?! No desire for a sexual relationship, yet is seeking folks to date?

    This woman is a big naked ball of contradiction and mental damage.

  3. It sounds like her pet cat put up her own dating profile as a joke

  4. You know, I think Howie's on to something here...

  5. Love the title Jared :)


  7. Aww man! And here I thought this one was going to be some sort of penis flapping joke.


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