Doesn't Being on Geraldo Undermine Your Claim?

E-mail Submitted by Cindy:

THIS IS TRUTH: I am a real superhero.  I have powers that can bend steel with heat and burn bridges down!  It's important for me to keep my powerrs under control and so

THIS IS TRUTH: Women are scared of my powers but why don't be I onlhy hurt evildoers and your not an evildoer ARE YOU

THIS IS TRUTH: I was on hard copy current affair and geraldo with my powers.  I made him float!

AM I LIES: No!  But you should let me show you TRUTH in person.



  1. THIS IS TRUTH: Drake is a thirteen-year-old boy whose parents are too lax in their internet monitoring.

  2. I don't even know that I'd say he was thirteen. Eleven maybe, but I hope that even today's 13-year-olds can spell better than this.

  3. Depends on what country he lives in.

    AM I LIES?

    Of course not Drake, we believe you.

  4. Actually, he only made three spelling errors. His email is 91 words, so his accuracy is around 97%. His grammar is atrocious though...


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