Call the Farmer. One's Loose.

E-mail Submitted by Howard:

Dear sir:

There was a girl guys said they loved and Ann was her name-o
A-N-N  A-N-N  A-N-N
And Ann was her name-o!

But this girl had dated some guys who treated her like shit-o
*-N-N  *-N-N  *-N-N
And Ann was her name-o!

And these guys dated other girls and that was their mistake-o
*-*-N  *-*-N  *-*-N
And Ann was her name-o!

And now Ann e-mails everyone to tell all folks their names-o:
James Walters
Peter Gaucher
Eric Nichols
Robert Ketner

*-*-*  *-*-*  *-*-*




  1. Before anyone asks, yes, names have been changed.

  2. ^whew...thanks Jared...didn't want anybody to see that I dated, and treated Ann like shit-o.

  3. I already assumed that you were involved. This has all of your hallmarks: the singing, the insanity, the allusion to the barnyard...

  4. ^^hee hee hee!

  5. Awwww, A Bad Case of Howie's dates!

  6. ^ I know...you think somebody like me would be able to meet a classy dame. You know, a real nice broad who'd treat me like the pig that I am...but nooooooo.

  7. ^ Howie, if only you were in the land down under... I need a pig of a man to deal with my excessive swearing, light to moderate drinking and tortured stuff toy collection in my basement. As long as I could tie you up and beat you occasionally, I think we'd be sweet.

  8. ^ Natalie...you made 'it' move. No more Viagara for me...your words gave me the oxygen to climb that mountain alone! Thank you....and g'day mate!


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