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E-mail Submitted by Kelly:

remove things.  It's the only way I said to all of them and now I say to you.  If I suggest that you have something removed it's for your own heatlh benefits and life pleasure.

You have a mole near your mouth.  Looks like shitcakedirt and needs to be removed.  I can remove it for you or hire a dear friend who has assisted me in many removals.  He won't charge you much and you and mouth will look smooth and silky and men will say wow what a nice face and lips and mouth!

prob around $395.  Maybe 495 but worth it!



  1. In Canada, moles get removed for free. Healthcare FTW!

  2. This Joe guy is an @$$hat to end all @$$hats and needs a good swift kick in the lowers. He IS a dirty sh!tcake and not worth bothering with or knowing.

  3. ^ I had a mole removed from my leg...it was humping it and wouldn't let go, so I had to call an exterminator.

  4. Sparkina...you can curse here. Full on "asshats" if you like. Unless you're Mormon or something and aren't allowed to curse, in which case, my apologies. (No offense to Mormons. Todd Heap is a Mormon, and I would totes be one of his sister-wives.)

    In addition, Mediator, stop flaunting your delightful healthcare! I have two moles on my face that have caused me great emotional pain, and all the docs are all "oooooooh! It's cosmeeeeeticcc! Give me lots of money please." Bastards all.

  5. @ Nikki, I don't curse because I'm a lady :-)


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