Accidents Happen

Story Submitted by Peggy:

I arrived early at the restaurant where Ari was to meet me for our date.  He called me and I picked up.

"Hey, Peg.  I'm going to be an extra minute or two.  You there yet?"

I replied, "Yes.  I'll meet you here."

He said, "Cool, I just–AAAAAAAAAGH!" then the sound of a horrifying slam.

"Ari!" I shouted into the phone, "Are you okay?"

After a moment, he said, "I was just in an accident," then hung up.

I was stunned, and I wrote him a text: "Please let me know you're okay as soon as you can."  I then left for home.  What else could I do?

He called an hour later.  I asked him, "What happened?"

He said, "Sorry, I was just driving and I–YAAAAAAAAAGH!" then another slam.  He yelled, "Fuck!  Another accident!  I'll call you back."  He hung up on me again.  This time, I was pretty sure that he was playing me, and I didn't contact him, nor did I hear from him ever again.


  1. More details are needed. What did this "slam" sound like? Broken glass? Dented fenders? Or just a car door?
    Either OP experienced the weirdest brush-off, or a man died after being in two car crashes on the night he was supposed to date her.
    Moral of the story, kiddos: Don't talk on the phone while driving....and a courtesy "you're really not dead, are you?" call is always nice.

  2. ^This.

    And if it was really just a semi-creative attempt at weaseling out of a date, then I'm mildly amused. Honesty would have been better of course, but at least you know he's bad at that from the get-go.

  3. Well if he's on his phone while he's driving, he deserves to have an accident. But otherwise I agree with Ari regarding "semi-creative attempt at weaseling out of a date"

  4. He said, "Cool, I just–AAAAAAAAAGH!" then the sound of a horrifying slam.

    Just as I read that and was about to crack up, the phone rang at work, and I had to calm myself down to speak with a professor about a student matter. It took me about ten seconds to be able to say "Hello."


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