You're Not Moving Far Enough Away

E-mail Submitted by Elle:

I'm moving across town this weekend and I need some help.  I can pay you in lunch and dinner if it comes to be late.  I really want to see some women sweating out for me and carrying my stuff.  No, this isn't paid so stop your greedy little heart from beating right now.  This isn't a joke.  I need help moving and I want to see women moving me.

If I'm sitting on my chest of drawers while you're moving it (get some of your sisters to help) then that would be even better, like those things they used to carry kings on.  I'm like king of my stuff and you all carry me until I'm moved in.  Like I said food's provided at no cost to you.  I jsut want you to sweat and work.  Use my bed to sleep on when you're all done I'll be on my bed too.  Maybe we can watch a movie if you moved my HDTV and player right.  Last time I moved some bitch moved my flatscreen upsidedown and I screamed at her.  That was fashion.



  1. When will men learn that there are other sites for having people you don't know fulfill your fetishes, and they need to stop trolling dating sites attempting to get for free what they have to pay for? SRSLY.

  2. And what the hell does "That was fashion" mean?

  3. Patrick sounds like a sociopath in training, so I would chalk up any nonsense lines he threw out there as mental illness.

  4. It's Patrick Bateman, isn't it?

  5. Agnes, this doesn't just apply to men, there have been plenty of emails with weird fetishes from women.

  6. hire that man immediately!


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