Maybe You Should Have Taken Four Psych Classes?

E-mail Submitted by Jason:


Okay so you don't know me but I know your brother.  He and I went to college together and I always crushed on him hugely but I never said anything.

I tried sending him an email a few months ago but he never responded.  He probably never checks his old college address anymore.  I tried friending him and getting in touch another couple of ways, but maybe he just doesn't remember about me.  Too bad for him!  j/k.  That's where you come in.

You need to show him my profile and see how good I will be for him.  Can you talk me up and tell him things like, "Check out this girl - what do you think?" and things like that?  I can give you more ideas, but I really always wanted to see where things would go with him.  DON'T TELL HIM THAT I WROTE YOU THIS!!!  THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT - IT HAS TO SEEM NATURAL.

I can take you out to dinner to thank you.  Your brother was a psych major and we were in three of the same courses, even tho I studied English.  The seat cushions always smelled so good after he sat in them.  That's how important this is to me.


Jason says, "I showed her to my brother, but he doesn't remember her at all.  It also might have to do with the fact that my brother's still in high school."


  1. Mistaken identity aside, I'd like to believe when she mentions the couch cushions she's talking about his cologne wafting, and not that she would literally sniff the cushions.

  2. ^ can you imagine how many farts are wafting amongst the cushions in those chairs? Pffft.

  3. Pretty much, not to mention the unwashed masses that you'd normally find sleeping on them at any point during the day. Or was that just my college?


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