Hey Mister! She's My Sister!

Story Submitted by Daisy:

Ronald and I met last spring. We clicked pretty quickly, and while we weren't together or even really dating, we definitely had a thing for a while. We'd go drinking and shoot pool, spend a few days at my family's lake house, basically do all the things underemployed 20-somethings do for fun. It turned out to be just about the perfect summer fling, and we're still friends now.

Ronald and I had a lot in common, both regarding interests as well as physical attributes.  Oddly enough, we're both tall, skinny blondes with long noses and light eyes. We don't really look alike, but we have enough of the same features to create a sort of similar appearance.

One night in the middle of July, Ronald and I were at the bar of a pool hall.  As we were ordering our beers, a girl came up to greet him.  He and she exchanged a few words, and then he and I went off to our pool table.

On our way there, Ronald explained that he had hooked up with her a few times but eased off when it became apparent that she was in it for a lot more than he was. I'm not a jealous person, so I just shook my head out of pity for her, and we went on with our game.

Things got awkward when we went back up to the bar for round two. The girl immediately zoomed back to Ronald's side, pretty pointedly ignoring me, and then, just as we were turning around to head back to the table, she asked him, "Is this your new girlfriend?"

Ronald didn't know what to say. For starters, we had only been seeing each other for about a month and were nowhere near "let's establish a relationship" territory.  On top of that, this just wasn't the sort of thing you discuss with a girl you used to bone.

It was one of those moments that would never work if you tried to plan it, but damn if it wasn't perfect right then and there.  I asked, "Didn't he tell you?  I'm his sister!"  Then I put both arms around him and laid a big old smooch full on his lips.

The girl got a strange look on her face but didn't say anything. Ronald and I made it about halfway back to the board before busting up. 


  1. Wait. So was she his sister or not?

  2. ^ obviously not. OP cleverly saved Ronald out of a pickle.

  3. i'm only commenting for the title


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